ATBG: inconsistent equality

Today on the Coverity Development Testing Blog‘s continuing series Ask The Bug Guys, I take a question from reader “Jan”, who is  wondering why different equality operators produce different results. This is a confusing and difficult aspect of C#, so check it out.

As always, if you have questions about a bug you’ve found in a C, C++, C# or Java program that you think would make a good episode of ATBG, please send your question along with a small reproducer of the problem to We cannot promise to answer every question or solve every problem, but we’ll take a selection of the best questions that we can answer and address them on the dev testing blog every couple of weeks.

Note that we have switched the blog to use WordPress; the transition has gone mostly smoothly but there are still some problems with the style sheets and not all of the content moved over quite right. Things might look a little wonky for the next while until we get it all sorted out.