Bat room

You are in a small room with exits to the east and south.
There is an exquisite jade figurine here.
In the corner of the ceiling, a large vampire bat is holding his nose.

> go east

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Mine entrance

You are at the entrance of an abandoned coal mine. Strange squeaky sounds come from the passage at the north end. You may also escape to the west.

> go north

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Twisting passage

This is a crooked corridor from the north, with forks to the southwest and south.

> go north
> go west
> go south
> go up
> put the skull and the emerald in the trophy case

crystal skull: Done.
large emerald: Done.

> go east
> open the sack

Opening the brown sack reveals a clove of garlic, and a lunch.

> take the garlic


> go west
> go down
> go northeast
> go north
> go north

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