Reprint policy

People occasionally ask me if they can publish something I’ve written on their own web site; often they wish to translate it into another language first.

Thanks for your interest; I appreciate it. I am totally fine with having my work republished provided that you follow these reasonable guidelines:

First, if you have a legal question involving the assignment of copyright, you should know that many articles on my site were originally written while I was at Microsoft, and technically Microsoft owns the copyrights. Similarly, articles that I wrote as forewords to other people’s books may be copyrighted by the various publishing companies. I am not a lawyer and I do not give advice on copyright law; if you have questions about copyright law then get yourself a lawyer. If you republish something and someone other than me sues you, it’s not my problem.

Second, please inform me what articles you are republishing and where.

Third, please include a link back to the original.

Fourth, please attribute me as the author.

Fifth, please do not maliciously construct an excerpt of a posting here that means something different when taken out of context.

Sixth, please note that I am unable to make corrections or other updates to your republished text.

Seventh, please note that I am unable to verify the accuracy of your translation.

Eighth, if you make revenue off of one of my posts, consider sending a fair portion of it my way.


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