ATBG: guess the type

The latest episode of Coverity’s series Ask the Bug Guys is now posted on the Development Testing Blog. In this episode, a readerĀ get me to play “guess the type”, and my colleague Tim talks a bit about the Java equivalent of the C# using statement for releasing resources. Check it out!

As always, if you have a question about an odd bit of C#, C, C++ or Java that led to a bug, send it to; we’d love to see it. We can’t guarantee an answer to all your problems, but we will pick a selection of the best questions and post about them on the dev testing blog.

Benchmarking mistakes, part four

Part four of my beginner-level series on how to write bad benchmarking code can be found here.

I’m back from my summer vacation and getting caught up on a mountain of accumulated email. As I mentioned last time, I’m taking the rest of August off of blogging; see you in September!