This is a large domed temple. A piece of rope descends from the railing of the dome, about 20 feet above, ending some five feet above your head. On the east wall is an ancient inscription, probably a prayer in a long-forgotten language. Below the prayer, a stair leads down. The temple’s altar is to the south. In the center of the room sits a white marble pedestal.
There is a brass bell here.
Sitting on the pedestal is a flaming torch, made of ivory.

> turn off the brass lantern

The brass lantern is now off.

> take the torch


> read the inscription

The prayer is a philippic against small insects, absent-mindedness, and the picking up and dropping of small objects. All evidence indicates that the beliefs of the ancient Zorkers were obscure.

> go east

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Troll room

This is a small room with passages to the east, northeast and south, and a forbidding hole leading west. Bloodstains and deep scratches (perhaps made by an axe) mar the walls. A troll, brandishing a bloody axe, blocks all passages out of the room.

> kill the troll with the elvish sword

The troll is struck on the arm; blood begins to trickle down.
The axe crashes against the rock, throwing sparks!

> again

The fatal blow strikes the troll square in the heart: he dies. As the troll breathes his last breath, a cloud of sinister black fog envelops him; when it lifts, the carcass is gone.

> go east

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You have moved into a dark place. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

> what is a grue

The grue is a sinister, lurking presence in the dark places of the earth. Its favorite diet is adventurers, but its insatiable appetite is tempered by its fear of light.

> light the lantern

The brass lantern is now on.

This is the attic. The only exit is the stairway down. A large coil of rope is lying in the corner. There is a nasty knife here.

> take the rope


> go down
> go west
> go down

The trap door crashes shut, and you hear someone barring it. Continue reading

Living room

The living room opens to the east. To the west is a wooden door, above which is strange gothic lettering. The door is nailed shut. There is a trophy case here, and a large oriental rug in the center of the room. A battery-powered brass lantern is on the trophy case. Above the trophy case hangs an elvish sword of great antiquity.

> open the trophy case


> put the egg in the trophy case


> read the strange lettering

The engravings translate to “This space intentionally left blank.”

> move the rug

You drag the rug to one side of the room, revealing a closed trap door.

> open the trap door

The door reluctantly opens to reveal a rickety staircase descending into darkness.

> take the lamp and the sword

brass lantern: Taken.
sword: Taken.

> go east
> go up

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You are in the kitchen of the white house. A table has recently been used for the preparation of food. A passage leads west and a dark staircase leads upward. A chimney leads down and to the east is a small window which is open.

A bottle is sitting on the table.
The glass bottle contains:
A quantity of water
On the table is an elongated brown sack, smelling of hot peppers.

> go down the chimney

Only Santa Claus climbs down chimneys.

> go west

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Behind house

You are behind the white house. Paths lead into the forest to the east and northeast. In one corner of the house is a small window which is slightly ajar.

> examine the window

The window is slightly ajar, but not enough to allow entry.

> open the window

With great effort, you open the window enough to allow entry.

> enter the house

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Up a tree

You are ten feet above the ground, nestled among large branches. Beside you on the branch is a small bird’s nest. In the bird’s nest is a large egg encrusted with precious jewels, apparently scavenged by a childless songbird.

> take the egg


> go down
> go south
> go east

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