You have entered the Land of the Living Dead. Thousands of lost souls can be heard weeping and moaning. In a corner are the remains of previous adventurers less fortunate than yourself. A passage exits to the north.
Lying in one corner is a beautifully carved crystal skull. It appears to be grinning at you rather nastily.

> blow out the candles then drop the bell and the book

The flame is extinguished.
brass bell: Dropped.
black book: Dropped.

> take the skull


> go north
> go up
> go west

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Entrance to Hades

You are outside a large gate inscribed, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here!” The gate is open; beyond you can see a desolation, with a pile of mangled bodies in one corner. Thousands of voices, lamenting some hideous fate, can be heard. The gate is barred by evil spirits, who jeer at your attempts to pass.

> go south

The spirits block you from passing through the gate.

> attack the gate with the screwdriver

The gate is protected by an invisible force. It makes your teeth ache to touch it.

> ring the bell

A deep peal issues from the bell. The wraiths stop jeering and an expression of long-forgotten terror takes shape on their ashen faces. In your confusion, the candles drop to the ground (and they are out).

> take the candles


> light a match

One of the matches starts to burn.

> light the candles with the match and read the book

The candles are now lit.
The flames flicker wildly and the earth trembles beneath your feet. The spirits cower at your unearthly power.
The match has gone out.
The prayer revererates in a deafening confusion. As the last word fades, a heart-stopping scream fills the cavern, and the spirits, sensing a greater power, flee through the walls.

> go south

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White Cliffs Beach

…in the magic boat

You are on a narrow strip of beach between the White Cliffs and the Frigid River. A tiny passage leads west into the cliff.

> get out of the boat

You are on your own feet again.

> open the buoy

Opening the buoy reveals a large emerald.

> take the emerald and drop the buoy


> go west

Round room

> go southeast

Dome room

> go southeast

There is a brass bell here.

> take the bell


> go south

On the two ends of the altar are burning candles.
On the altar is a large black book, open to page 569.

> take the candles and the book

pair of candles: Taken.
black book: Taken.

> go down

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Frigid River, in the magic boat

You are on the Frigid River just below the dam. The river flows quietly here. There is a landing on the west shore.

> wait

Time passes…
The current carries you downstream.
The river descends here into a valley. The are no landings on either shore. In the distance a faint rumbling can be heard.

> wait

Time passes…
The current carries you downstream.
The sound of rushing water is nearly unbearable here. On both the east and west shores there are beaches.
There is a red buoy here (probably a warning).

> take the buoy

As you take the buoy, you notice something odd about the feel of it.

> go west

The magic boat comes to rest on the shore. Continue reading

Dam base

You are at the base of the dam, which looms above you. The river Frigid begins here. Across it, to the east, cliffs form giant walls stretching north-south along the shore.
There is a folded pile of plastic here which has a small valve attached.

> blow up the pile of plastic with the air pump

The boat inflates and appears seaworthy. A tan label is lying inside the boat.

> read the label

Hello, Sailor! Instructions: To enter a body of water, say “Launch”. To get to shore, say “Land” or the direction you want to go. FROBOZZ MAGIC BOAT COMPANY Warranty: This boat is guaranteed for 9 seconds from date of purchase or until used, whichever comes first. Good Luck!

> drop the label and the pump

tan label: Dropped.
hand-held air pump: Dropped.

> get in the boat

You are now in the magic boat.

> launch the boat

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