Benchmarking mistakes, part four

Part four of my beginner-level series on how to write bad benchmarking code can be found here.

I’m back from my summer vacation and getting caught up on a mountain of accumulated email. As I mentioned last time, I’m taking the rest of August off of blogging; see you in September!

6 thoughts on “Benchmarking mistakes, part four

  1. I might be missing something obvious here but… You said:

    Usually the number of objects that survive to the next generation because they need finalization is extremely small, so this situation usually does not produce a measurable impact.

    Then why do you even need to wait for those objects with: WaitForPendingFinalizers?

  2. I was looking for your performance benchmarking articles now, and the TechPro-site is down with an apology not specifying when they are back (if it is temporarily or permanently is hard to say). Is there any chance you can re-post the articles on this blog or on another site to archive it properly? The articles are available through the Internet Archive, however, not everyone are aware of that opportunity.

    • Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I never finished that series because the manager who was scheduling things with me quit, said that someone would contact me when they wanted the next part, and then never did. Tell you what, if they really are gone for good, and I get some time, I will finish the series and repost it on the blog.

  3. This article especially for Benchmarker students because some Benchmarking mistakes raised in the part four of this article. This one new for me which double my interest to read this article. I must share these instructions with my friends who always like to be sit at the end seats. Now i try to get good information about jason coker but i’m happy to know about the mistakes which normally ignore to think about it.

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