Forest edge

Paths lead into the forest to the west and northwest. Also, a well-marked path extends east.

> go west

This is a dimly lit forest, with large trees all around.

> go west

Behind House

> enter the white house


> go west

Living Room

> open the coffin

The gold coffin opens. A sceptre, possibly that of ancient Egypt itself, is in the coffin. The sceptre is ornamented with jewels.

> take the sceptre


> put the gold coffin in the trophy case


> go east
> go east
> go east
> go east

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Standing by the temple’s altar, you can see a small hole in the floor which leads into darkness. The rest of the temple is north of here.
On the two ends of the altar are burning candles.
On the altar is a large black book, open to page 569.

> go down

You haven’t a prayer of getting the coffin down there.

> pray

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