Summer vacation 2019 part 1

I’m back from my annual vacation where I fly south to Canada and take way too many photos. As with all my hobbies, I’m not a very good nature photographer but I do enjoy it, and this year was particularly productive in that regard.

I have some interesting news regarding my recently ended “Fixing Random” series, but before I get into that, I’ll spend a couple of episodes sharing some of my favourite shots from this year.

To start with, here’s a shot from last year; my eight-year-old friend Junior Naturalist Ada found a baby snapping turtle. (Click on images for larger versions.)


We looked all over for the mama snapping turtle but did not find her; I am pleased to report that this year we certainly did, just a couple bends up the river.


Isn’t she lovely? Let’s zoom in on that face.


You just want to snuggle her right up to the point where she bites your arm off, am I right?

Coming soon on FAIC: weird bugs, lovely birds, and some astronomical phenomena that I do not understand.


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