A simple puzzle

The original version of the histogram-generating code that I whipped up for the previous episode of FAIC contained a subtle bug. Can you spot it without going back and reading the corrected code?

private static int[] CreateHistogram(
  IEnumerable<double> data, 
  int buckets, 
  double min, 
  double max) 
  int[] results = new int[buckets]; 
  double multiplier = buckets / (max - min); 
  foreach (double datum in data) 
    int index = (int) ((datum - min) * multiplier); 
    if (0 <= index && index < buckets) 
      results[index] += 1; 
  return results; 

Note that of course if this were production code, instead of demo code I whipped up in five minutes, it would be a lot more robust in its error detection; the bug that I am looking for is a bona fide error in the logic of the method, rather than things like “the method does not verify that min is smaller than max”, and so on.

A hint: the first time I ran this code and displayed the results, the generated histogram looked fine. Then I made a small change to the arguments and the resulting histogram image was obviously wrong. Can you spot the defect?

Next time on FAIC: The solution.

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