Photo credits

The images in the header photos are, obviously, all cropped versions of much larger photos; all are of places I’ve been. You can see the full-size images by clicking the links below.

Most of the photos were taken by me; photos taken by other people are noted.

The photos of a canopy in the Allerton garden , the Jurassic Park ficus trees, the Na Pali sea cave and the Waimea Canyon are from my December 2012 trip to Kauai. They were shot with an entry-level Canon DSLR.

The photo of a massive thunderstorm in Montana was taken by me with my Windows Phone in August of 2012.

The photos of the ceiling of Saint Paul’s, showing scenes from the Book of Genesis, the Oxford Science Museum and the Giant’s Causeway were shot on actual film during my 1996 trip to the British Isles. I used a Canon AE-1 if I recall correctly.

I never tire of taking photos of sunset over Lake Huron.

LaConner, just north of Seattle, is the home of the Tulip Festival, which produces more tulips than one can easily shake a stick at.

The downtown Seattle skyline at sunset photo shows the Columbia Center where I once worked; it is the tall black building just to the right of center. The photo was taken from the Space Needle.

The Lake Huron limestone reef photo is courtesy John Bird.

My serious-author-face headshot is courtesy Rob Gruhl; this photo is now ten years old; a more recent headshot is courtesy Mark Aiken.

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