A Picard Easter egg

While watching the first episode of the new Star Trek series just now I noticed a nice little Easter egg:

Admiral Picard (retired) apparently has the same 1982 science fiction book club edition of The Complete Robot handy on his desk as I have on mine:

though frankly, his copy seems to be in better shape than mine.

Anyone know what the book below it is?

UPDATE: My friend Brian R has identified a likely candidate for the second book. It appears to be the Easton Press edition of The Three Musketeers:


UPDATE: Later episodes of the series confirm these hypotheses; apparently these were not so much Easter eggs as subtle foreshadowing.

4 thoughts on “A Picard Easter egg

  1. I haven’t seen the show, and the photo above is too blurry. But based on the general style of the text on the binding, and what we know about Picard as well as Patrick Stewart, it would not surprise me at all to find it’s a collection of Shakespeare’s works.

    • I think Eric’s reason for asking was on the assumption somebody would be familiar enough with the book to recognise the book from the blurry shapes on the cover.

      • Correct. The Complete Robot was immediately recognizable. The book below it looks familiar to me and I suspect I have seen it, but I cannot place it.

        Picard’s copy of the works of Shakespeare that he kept in the Enterprise ready room is visible in his storage room at the archives.

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