Avoiding C# defects talk Tuesday

Hello all, I have been crazy busy these last few weeks either traveling for work or actually programming with Roslyn — woo hoo! — and have not had time to blog. I’ve been meaning to do a short tour of the Roslyn codebase, now that it is open-sourced, but that will have to wait for later this summer.

Today I just want to mention that tomorrow, July 15th, at 8:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time, I’ll be doing a live talk broadcast on the internet where I’ll describe how the Coverity static analyzer works and what some of the most common defect patterns we find are. In particular I’m very excited by a new concurrency issue checker that looks for incorrect implementations of double-checked locking, and other “I avoided a lock when I should not have” defects. My colleague Kristen will also be talking about the new “desktop” mode of the analyzer.

If you’re interested, please register beforehand at this link. Thanks to Visual Studio Magazine for sponsoring this event.

If you missed it: the webcast will be recorded and the recording will be posted on the Coverity blog in a couple of days. The recording will also be posted on the Visual Studio Magazine site link above for 90 days.

10 thoughts on “Avoiding C# defects talk Tuesday

  1. Just to let you know, when I signed up for it it says that it’s at 8:30 am, and not 8 am. This may not make a difference to most people, but I thought I’d point it out just in case.

  2. Really looking forward to the Roslyn tour! 🙂

    Will your talk be available for viewing afterwards for those of us who cannot make it live?

  3. You know your life has taken a strange path when mentioning a time zone makes you think, “Hey, I have a link for that!”

    But thank you for making it a reasonable hour for my time zone. Alas, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch. Best of luck.

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    • We have not done so yet. Once we have an analyzer front end that uses Roslyn then we will use Roslyn to build Roslyn, then use that Roslyn to analyze Roslyn. It will be SO META.

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