Moving this blog

Hey all, quick metablogging note.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out to me that the blog was down for the last 36+ hours. This blog was previously hosted by; I chose because of their alleged high uptime, alleged competence, and alleged fast customer service. As a result of my experience over the last 36 hours I’ll be moving the blog over to a different hosting service which I hope to be both more reliable and responsive. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you’re seeing this, you’re looking at the new site; yay, it works!  Expect things to be a bit wonky for a while as not all of the formatting and whatnot transferred over.

While I was at it, I moved the content from my blog about building a backyard aluminum foundry to I haven’t done much casting over the last year or so but hope to get back into it this summer.

In related news, as a consequence of changing hosting services: the purple is back, infinite scrolling is on, social media buttons are enabled, AdWords have been replaced with WordAds (!), footnotes are broken, comments are too narrow. I’ll take the good with the bad.

10 thoughts on “Moving this blog

  1. Other feedback, in case your experience is different to mine and you haven’t seen it already. (Been there, got the t-shirt.)

    i) I do not see your favicon anymore, it’s now the default WordPress one.
    ii) Nested replies get very, very narrow.

    • Thanks – I haven’t fixed the icon yet but I will get around to it eventually.

      The comments being too narrow I tried to fix in my previous blog and ended up making the comments overlap the sidebar in an ugly fashion. I don’t know much about CSS or WordPress; I might need to find a better theme for nested comments.

  2. WordPress ate the HTML. Try again:

    <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”Fabulous adventures in coding” href=””>

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