The new Seattle office

As I mentioned earlier, we spent the past weekend moving the Seattle office from temporary space on the north side of the 42nd floor of Columbia Center to the south side of the 12th floor. I initially thought that this would be downgrading my fabulous view but no, it turns out to be an upgrade! Here’s the non-Mount Ranier side of the view from my office: (click for full size)


I forgot to bring in the good camera today so these are just wide angle shots with my Windows Phone 8 camera. It’s a little too bright to get a good shot of Rainier with this camera so that will have to wait.

As you can see, I stare right at the courthouse, the famous Smith Tower[1. Which was the tallest building in North America west of the Mississippi for many years.] and the harbor.

The ukulele storage room has a nice view of Rainier as well. We might also use this room for meetings.


The lunch area / lounge is super comfy:


And putting all this together required a number of trips to IKEA. A nickel is included for scale:


Thanks to my colleagues Laura, Jackie and Jeff for their hard work in setting up the physical and IT infrastructure; they did an awesome job in very little time.

14 thoughts on “The new Seattle office

  1. I hope you have an electric screwdriver to mount all that, mounting a lot of Ikea furniture with the provided tool is painful, to say the least 🙂

  2. I was going to say. Wow! what a lot of cranes, but then I noticed the box-shadow inset for the comment input fields. Looks better than my version.

  3. Greetings from a former denizen of the forty-somethingth floor. Assuming it’s still in operation, the old fashioned human-operated elevator – the rotary dial phone of the vertical people mover industry – in the Smith Tower is worth the walk down.

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