Coverity analysis and FXCOP

This has been a crazy busy week and its only Tuesday. I spent the weekend helping set up the new Coverity office on the 12th floor of the Columbia Center — more on that on Thursday, after I’ve had a chance to take some photos — and schmoozing with my old team at Microsoft as part of the MVP summit. I am super-excited to be a C# MVP, though it is a bit odd to be on the audience side rather than the presenter side for the summit. “Thank you Eric for holding onto the microphone for us for the last half hour” was Anthony‘s wry comment after one marathon Q&A session yesterday. Old habits die hard.

One of the questions I’ve gotten frequently, both here at the summit and at other events, is how Coverity’s analysis of C# programs compares to FXCOP. My “Ask the bug guys” colleague Jon has just written an article about that very subject, so check it out. The short version: by design, they do not overlap at all. We want these tools to be complementary, not competitors. (And in fact you can import FXCOP warnings into Coverity Connect to track them alongside of defect reports discovered by Coverity’s analysis.)

2 thoughts on “Coverity analysis and FXCOP

  1. I like it that your sales and marketing staff know so much about programming in the real world. (At least, this guy says he started out as a sales engineer, with I guess the implication that he is no longer one.)

    I guess it goes with the territory, with the market to which the company is selling, but it’s quite outside my experience.

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