Testers wanted

I’ve been at Coverity for nine months now and the Seattle office has expanded from me and Bob to nine developers and testers; it’s been very exciting to help grow this office from a couple of guys with laptops to what will soon be a fully-fledged branch office. We’re shortly to move out of our temporary space on the 42nd floor of the Columbia Center to a larger space on the 12th floor.[1. Unfortunately downgrading my view from absurdly spectacular to merely totally awesome. I’ll post pictures when we move in next month.]

We are looking to fill a few more positions in the Seattle office, and particularly looking for a tester to work on automating testing for our Visual Studio plug-in and other GUI front ends. If you fit the bill and would like to work with me and the rest of the awesome team we’re assembling, please check out the listing here. A complete listing of all open positions at Coverity can be found here.

Do feel free to drop me a line, or leave a comment below, or note in your application that you heard about this on my blog. Please do not just send me a resume; use the link in the job posting so that our recruiting team gets the information as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “Testers wanted

  1. Hmm… this is weird. I’ve seen the article a few minutes after you posted and I wanted to reply, but I thought it would be buried among dozens or hundreds. Either nobody read it, or you’re not approving them 🙂

    In any case – what about remote positions? I see you have a sales manager in Bangalore and that’s it. What about programming / testing? I completely understand the benefits of close communication within a team but I believe high speed internet, good quality webcams and large monitors can solve at least part of the problem.

    [This is very much a theoretical question, satisfying a curiosity. I’m a decent C# programmer but I’m nowhere near your or Jon Skeet’s level, to name only two.]

    • We have a number of developers working remotely right now but we would prefer going forward to have developers in the San Francisco, Calgary or Seattle offices.

      Also, we hire people at all levels of experience. We’re actually full up on former members of the C# design committee right now; we’ve got two in the Seattle office and don’t really need a third. 🙂

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