Quality assurance fail

PowerSupplySome fun for Friday. I just opened up a box containing a brand-new bit of telecommunications equipment, and the power supply arrived looking like this, fresh out of the box. (Click for a larger version.)

How bad does your quality assurance have to be to ship to customers a power supply that cannot possibly fit into a power socket?


20 thoughts on “Quality assurance fail

  1. It may be able to fit in a power socket – probably not an american one, but this is a global society these days 🙂

  2. You have prominent labels “Microsoft” and “Coverity” together with a broken plug under the banner “quality assurance fail”. What will people think?

  3. I believe you mistake this “fail” for the new U.S. twist-lock plug that goes into a socket but can absolutely never come out. You wouldn’t want your phone equipment to fail for lack of power, would you? 🙂

    • I know. People were complaining that the comments were too narrow, but making them wider made them overlap the sidebar. I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet in a way that looks good. I am a WordPress noob!

      • How much control of the CSS do you get? If you can edit “style.css”, go to line 94 and change the “margin-right” of the “#secondary” element from 7.6% to 1%; that seems to fix it for me.

      • Change .commentlist { width: 120% } to 100%.
        Change #content { margin-right: 34% } to 23%.
        Change #content { width: 58.4% } to 70%.
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  4. just edit line no : 25 of style.css

    .commentlist{ width : 120%; }


    .commentlist { width: 100%; }

    your comment list problem will go

    • Clearly that would fix the problem, but it was widened like that because people were complaining the comments section was too narrow. The fix provided by Richards seems much more accurate.

  5. That thing tells a story, though I doubt it’s the real story. I imagine a machine plugs those into a mock socket, measures stress on the points inside the socket, and them flops them into a reject or accept bin accordingly. Such a machine would certainly require a person to check it from time to time to ensure the mock socket was still functioning as expected. That poor soul probably ordered the wrong thing for lunch and had to make an emergency stop by the bathroom during his normal inspection time.

  6. Allow me to QC your title:
    Quality Assurance is a process, Quality Control is a final check.

    We gots failures all over the place.

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