Free beer!

OK, that got your attention.

Most of the Coverity C# analysis team is going to be in Seattle celebrating the opening of our new office on Wednesday February 20th. We’ll be at the Tap House Grill on 6th Avenue in Seattle, starting about 6:15. If you’re in Seattle at that time, over 21 years old, and want to hang out with me and the team then please stop by![1. Note that this is the Tap House Grill in Seattle, not the one in Bellevue.]

There are a very small number of free drink tickets available; if you want one, email me ( and I’ll send you instructions on how to sign up. Supplies are limited, so serious enquiries only please.

11 thoughts on “Free beer!

  1. I’d happily come, but it’s a bit too far away… Couldn’t you do your celebrating in a more convenient location, say, Tel Aviv? Pfft.

  2. You know, this gives me a great idea: Set up public meetups for the software development community at local bars in big cities around the world, and just let people come and talk about cool stuff they’re doing. If we got larger local software companies to host these, they’d be a much better socialization and networking experience than going to those stuffy professional networking events. Just my two cents on the matter, but this is a great idea. Hope you get a huge turnout!

  3. Finally. After all these years of discussions regarding free beer vs free speech, I’ve never worked out where the free beer was!!

  4. If it was April 20 instead of Feb 20, I’d be there (actually, I’d be in Sammamish, but close enough).

    Sounds like fun! Raise a glass for all of us that couldn’t make it.

  5. I was in Seattle for 20-some years, but you choose to do this after I moved to Tokyo!? Perhaps you’ll be in my neighborhood again someday.

  6. “Free Beer” was actually the name of a band I was in at university. We envisaged that clubs would advertise “Free Beer Here Tonight” and get a massive audience.

    We never did any gigs.

  7. Hi! I would very much like to be a part of this team! (not because of the free beer) I was wondering if you could point me the direction of the admission office…

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