First day

coverity-logoToday is my first day at Coverity! I am super-excited!

I have an enormous amount to learn about their systems. Since I have not so much as logged in to a Unix-based development environment since 1996, I’m going to be completely heads-down for the next couple of weeks. I am spending that time in San Francisco at the head office, drinking from the fire hose of static analysis knowledge. I will therefore have almost no time to spend on the blog. Expect things to be on auto-pilot for a little while. I’ve spent part of my time off queuing up articles, so it should not go entirely dark.

I’ll then spend the last week of January working remotely; the new office in the Columbia Tower in Seattle should be set up by the first week of February if all goes as planned. I am so looking forward to working downtown! I’ll post some photos when I get access to the new space.

Next time on FAIC: we’ll get back to the subject of how the Roslyn compiler optimizes lifted arithmetic.

14 thoughts on “First day

  1. Wow, congratulations, and the best of lucks with your new job. Major geek envy here, Coverity must be one helluva place to work!

  2. “Since I have not so much as logged in to a Unix-based development environment since 1996…”

    Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

  3. For things going into space. Maybe this is the proper time to remind you that your tool should discover that unsigned types don’t fit well with signed ones and vice versa. =)

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