ATBG: Why UTF-16?

I had a great time speaking at the Los Angeles .NET meetup Monday evening; thanks for the warm welcome from everyone who came out.

Today on the Coverity Development Testing Blog’s continuing series Ask The Bug Guys I dive into the history of string representations in C# and Visual Basic to answer the question “why does C# use UTF-16 as the default encoding for strings?” Continue reading

C# and VB are open sourced

For literally years now the Roslyn team has been considering whether or not to release the C# and VB analyzers as open source projects, and so I was very happy but not particularly surprised to watch on Channel 9 a few minutes ago Anders announce that Roslyn is now available on CodePlex.

What astonished me was that its not just a “reference” license, but a full on liberal Apache 2.0 license. And then to have Miguel announce that Xamarin had already got Roslyn working on linux was gobsmacking.

Believe me, we cloned that repo immediately.

I’m still mulling over the consequences of this awesome announcement; I’m watching Soma discuss Roslyn on Channel 9 right now, and Anders is coming up again soon for a Q&A session. (At 12:10 Pacific Daylight Time, here.)

I am also on a personal level very excited and a little nervous to finally have a product that I spent years of my life working on widely available in source code form. Since I always knew that open sourcing was a possibility I tried to write my portions of it as cleanly and clearly as possible; hopefully I succeeded.

Congratulations to the whole Roslyn team, and thanks for taking this big bold step into the open source world.